• Bauunion 1905 GmbH

    Smart electricity is a crucial part of any new construction, especially when building a new house. This is one of the many competences at the Bauunion 1905 GmbH. Therefore they needed a smart concept to control these technologies which consequently lead to our KNiX Port (KNX-IP Gateway) as well as the development of their own Bauunion App. This can be experienced „live” at any time in the „S300” smart house, Massivhauspark Netzen, Am Massivhauspark 1, 14797 Kloster Lehnin OT Grebs.

  • Solarhaus "living equia"

    The prototype solar-powered house „living equia“, planned and designed by a creative team from the University for Technologies (HTW) in Berlin in 2010, is an ambitious project where only high-tech materials and technologies were used to create the house for the future. That’s exactly why our KNiX-Port (KNX-IP Gateway) was chosen to close the gap between smart electricity and all mobile Apple devices.

  • Privat-Wohnung (2010)

    When it comes to integrating high-end interiors and modern control systems there is always the problem of placing local controllers. This was one of the main advantages of our KNiX Port (KNX-IP Gateway) and the integration of mobile Apple devices which the homeowner already owned. Because the KNX installtion had already been finished our hardware could be easily and time efficiently integrated afterwards which dramatically increased the ease of control in this exclusive project.