What´s iKNiX?
iKNiX is a free application (App) for the iPhone and/or the iPod touch which lets you control all of your KNX/EIB components easily and intuitively. Our App enables you to control all of your lights including light scenes, all of your blinds and your entire heating system (HVAC). You can furthermore access all the relevant weather data if you have a weather station installed. No need to get up to switch the lights on. Simply turn your lights on from the sofa or activate the exterior lighting when you’re sitting on the porch and it gets dark!
What components do I need?
In addition to your KNX/EIB system and the free iKNiX App you also need the KNiX Port. This Ethernet to KNX/EIB gateway is needed for the bi-direktional (2 way) communication between the KNX/EIB system and our iKNiX App.
How does the iKNiX concept work?
Your KNX/EIB programmer needs to register on our internet site www.iknix.com and create a new project. He will then add all rooms that you want to control (we call them “zones”) to your project. Now he will create one or many profiles that can be downloaded and used on the iPhone/iPod touch. Different profiles can be useful if you don’t want your kids and/or guest to control the entire house. You furthermore need different profiles when you want to control more than one KNX/EIB project, for instance your home and your vacation house.
Who can use iKNiX?
Everybody that own a KNX/EIB system, has a KNiX Port installed and programmed and own an iPhone/iPod touch.
Can I use iKNiX for my already installed KNX/EIB system?
Absolutely, all you need is our KNiX Port installed and programmed, our iKNiX App and you’re ready to control the entire KNX/EIB system.
Who will install and program the system for me?
You should probably talk to your electrician who also installed and programmed your KNX/EIB system. The KNiX Port needs to be integrated into your electrical system as well as adjusted according to your KNX/EIB configuration.
Can I control my entire house with iKNiX?
Yes, as long as you have a KNX/EIB system and our KNiX Port installed.
Can I use iKNiX with other facility management or bus-systems?
Yes, as long as the KNiX Port can be integrated. Please contact us directly for further details.